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Limitations and Liability

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  • For any consequential or indirect loss
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The limitations above is applicable even if our website has been advised of any potential loss


Nothing here limits any warranty stipulated by the law. Nothing is going to exclude website to the following:

  • Personal injuries or death by our website negligence
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By using Pro Plumber Perth, you agree with terms and conditions set out are reasonable enough. If you consider them unreasonable then avoid using the site

Other parties

Pro Plumber Perth is a limited liability entity; we can sue you, and you can sue us to be precise. We are interested in limiting any sought of responsibility to our employees as well as our officers. Any claim that is personal against us is unacceptable.

Unenforceable provisions

If any of the Pro Plumber Perth provisions is seen unenforceable as per the law, then we assure that is not going to affect our provisioning.

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